पेंशनरों के लिए पहचान पत्र जारी करने के लिए प्रोफार्मा “डाउनलोड” के अधीन उपलब्ध है। :यह कार्यालय बिलों की प्राप्ति की तारीख से 7 दिनों के भीतर बिलों के निपटान हेतु अधिदिष्ट हैः
  • 2016 से पूर्व के पेंशनरों/पारिवारिक पेंशनरों की पेंशन के संशोधन हेतु प्रोफार्मा “डाउनलोड” के अधीन उपलब्ध है।
  • Swachh Bharath Abhiyan.

    To paraphrase the Romans, it seemed as if the Rain Gods were being kind indeed. Seeing the steady, light rain which started before daybreak and was not relenting till 8 a.m., doubts began to rise on whether the intended task would commence at all. But the dark clouds parted a bit, the rain turned in to a mild drizzle and finally smiles dawned on the faces of the assembled officers and staff of CDA (R&D), Bangalore. The shovels, spades, forks, brooms, pickaxes and baskets were out, people folded their shirts and got in to the activity.

    The decision was taken a week back, plans were made ready and the pledge was reaffirmed on October 1st - the DAD raising day. The bus stop opposite the office (known as the LRDE stop) catered not just to 2 major DRDO labs but also to the Bagmane IT Park, which housed a dozen and more Multi National IT firms employing more than 5000 people. The shelter being absent at the bus stop, it was a no-man’s land with neither the DRDO labs nor the IT firms taking responsibility of the maintenance of the bus stop. The accumulated dirt, the plastic covers, the wrappers, the misaligned stones, posters on the walls and other assorted garbage made the whole place an eyesore in the serene and scenic environs of CV Raman Nagar and Bagmane Lake. The sufferers were the whole populace but no one bothered to clean up the place.

    October 2nd provided a good opportunity for the organisation of the CDA (R&D), Bangalore to re-affirm their commitment to the society in general and to their immediate surroundings in particular. Whereas the previous year was spent cleaning the office buildings and canteen, the focus this time was on the environs outside. The staff and the officers took up to the task with great gusto and by 9.45 am the people were out on the place. The Controller, Shri K. Satheesh Babu, himself led the efforts by clearing up the dirt with the spade. The whole assembly was divided in to 3 groups to take up the cleaning and beautification of the whole area. Once the hands got dirty and the feet were soiled, the mind cleared all inhibitions which one would have had and the task at hand suddenly seemed so simple. Plucking out the weeds was made easy due to the rains, boxes were filled up with the plastic and papers, baskets were filled up with the mud, mounds of muck were accumulated and a tractor full load of garbage was accumulated within no time. Cries of ‘Baahubali’ rent the air when heavy stones were dislodged, the enthusiasm was infectious with the passers-by and the bus travellers rendering their voice of support. In a span of 2 hours and more, the whole bus stop was changed beyond recognition. The ground was levelled after cleaning, painting of tree trunks was done and the walls were painted by messages saying no to littering.

    A well-deserved round of snacks and tea was served to the staff and officers after the cleaning activity. However, it seemed as if the satisfaction of having turned an eyesore in to a visually pleasing and hygienic patch had filled the hearts and minds with happiness and contentment. The important message of team-work, selfless service and keeping aside time for the society had spread through. It was decided that the cleaning would not be a one-off activity - DRDO Township authorities and Local administration would be approached for the maintenance, lighting and security of the bus-stop. The bus-stop would be adopted by CDA (R&D), Bangalore.

    The old adage was turned on its head – it seemed as if ‘The Controller proposed it, God seconded it and CDA (R&D), Bangalore did it’. Time now for the bus stop to be recognised as the ‘CDA Bus Stop’.