Defence Accounts Department Day Brochure - 2023 is available under “DOWNLOADS”

Payment Related Information & Monthly Expenditure

Working hours:
9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Lunch Break:
1:00 PM to 1:30 PM



  1. General Administration

  2. AN-Pay(DAD)

  3. Cashier

  4. Rajbhasha(Hindi)


  1. General Administration of the Main Office.

  2. Discipline

  3. Budget(Centrally/Locally Controlled Heads in respect of DAD) including Original Estimates.

  4. Procurement and supply of general stationery items to the office.

  5. Monitoring the attendance of staff of the office.

  6. Drawing and disbursement of pay and allowances of DAD personnel working in this office.

  7. Processing of personal claims of DAD personnel.

  8. Maintaining the Service Books of DAD personnel including the Sub-Offices and encadred DAD personnel.

  9. Issuing of LPCs of DAD personnel transferred out from this office.

  10. Processing the appointments, promotions and other personal occurances of DAD personnel by publishing Part II Office Orders.

  11. Submission of Reports & Returns to Hqrs. Office.

  12. Receipt and disposal of Hqrs letters, orders etc on admin matters.

  13. Conducting departmental examinations.

  14. Issue of Identity Cards & CGHS cards of DAD personnel.

  15. Processing pension cases of DAD personnel.

  16. Liaision with MES, DRDO and other external agencies on account of civil works, maintenance of power and water installations in the office and DAD pool of DRDO residential quarters in the township.

  17. Security of office premises.

  18. Any office functions assigned by CDA, etc.

  19. Implementation of Official Language(Rajbhasha - Hindi).