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Payment Related Information & Monthly Expenditure

Working hours:
9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Lunch Break:
1:00 PM to 1:30 PM

Internal audit

Functions & Responsibilities:- 

  1. Receipts, examination and circulation of Government letters, etc., in respect of matters affecting local audit of stores accounts or others checks carried out by Local Audit Officers.

  2. Examination of defence expenditure with a view to exploring ways and means of achieving economy where practicable.

  3. Examination of important points meriting investigation for financial advice purposes received from L.A.Os. /R.A.Os and audit section of the main office.

  4. Continuous examination and review of the organization of Controller's own office and the work conducted in the servral sections and by the local audit staff.

  5. Rendering financial advice to the local administrative authorities on various matters including procurement and rendition of quarterly report to the CGDA. Showing items of financial advice and higher audit tendered.

  6. Disposal of special reports and outstanding objection of units and formation moving out of command or disbanded.

  7. Local Test Audit reports.

  8. Draft paras of local audit received from the D.A.D.S., for incorporation in the Audit Report, Defence Services.

  9. Consolidation and editing of the quarterly report on the Major Financial and Accounting Irregularities

  10. Consolidation and redition to the C.G.D.A. of the annual audit certificat.

  11. Audit including higher audit of loss statements and preparation of statement of losses for inclusion in the Appropriation Accounts under para 547, Defence Audit Code.

  12. Reference from L.A.Os./R.A.Os. on audit and procedural matters.

  13. Tour notes and Reviewing Officer's reports.

  14. Audit Inspection Reports, Audit Notes and the Consolidated annual accounts of Cantt. Boards.

  15. Editing and submission of half yearly Internal Audit Reports to HQ office.

  16. Audit of Project Accounts as directed by the Competent Authority