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Payment Related Information & Monthly Expenditure

Working hours:
9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Lunch Break:
1:00 PM to 1:30 PM

Front Office

A unique feature of CDA(R&D),Bangalore is the Front Office. Started in 2003 to cater to the immediate needs of the vendors, it had setup an effective mechanism for many other offices to follow later.

As the name suggests, the Front Office is located at the entrance of the CDA(R&D) Bangalore manned by an auditor and a AAO. All the emergent  requirements of the Vendors as well as the Labs are attended to by the Front Office at a pace not usually expected by the clients in most of the Offices.

Front Office provides the following facilities to the clients.


Vendors may call the Help Line at 080-25248888 and  obtain the information about the status of their Bills. Details of the receipt, stage of processing and payment particulars are provided by the staff attending the call through an instant verification of the On line data base.
Vendors are advised to provide the Lab/Estt Name, Unit Bill Number & the Bill amount for  faster service by the Help Line staff.
Help Line attends to around 600 calls per month.
Select categories of claims / bills are processed on fast track basis.
TADA requisitions, GPF Advance/Withdrawal claims received from the Labs/Estts are processed on the same day of receipt and payments are made into the Public Fund Account of the respective Lab/Estt through Electronic Clearance System.
Telephone bills received from the Labs/Estts are processed and Payments made to BSNL directly through Electronic Clearance System.   
Medical Advances claims received from the Labs/Estts are processed on a PRIORITY basis and the cheque in favor of the concerned hospital is handed over to the authorized representative of the Lab/Estt.
Teller wing processes approximately 600 bills per month.